About The Artist

Hello, my name is Chris McLaughlin. I have been an artist for more than 50 years, dating back to 1967. At that time I was living in the small town of Flemington, NJ. As I traveled to elementary school, I became fascinated by a big red barn at the top of a hill. It became my first and favorite drawing subject.

Patience has always been a blessing to me in regard to my work! I place great emphasis on getting the details right, researching as much as possible to get the finished product. Over the years, I have worked my craft to perfection, and a career in design and drafting (1978 – 2005), probably didn’t hurt either.

You may find me at numerous festivals throughout the Southeast, and at Atlanta’s Varsity restaurant, demonstrating and selling my craft. I currently reside near Lilburn, GA with my wife and son.

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