About The Artist

Hi, i'm Chris McLaughlin and welcome to my website.

My love of art began in the mid 60s when my family lived in rural New Jersey. I was captivated by a local farm house and started to create drawings of it in as much detail as I could remember.

I would draw for hours at a time re-creating all the details of buildings I saw. One of my favorites became the Empire State Building.

In high school I took technical drawing and pursued a career in computer aided design after graduating.

My artistic skills continued to develop and by the mid 90s I became a full time artist. One of my earliest works was a panoramic rendering of the Atlanta skyline.

My focus is on works of mass appeal but I will accept commissions for the subject of your choice. My portfolio includes projects for The Fox Theater and The Georgian Terrace Hotel.

You can see me at work and purchase my art at the Varsity restaurant in downtown Atlanta.

Most weekends from spring through fall you can find us at art shows and festivals in and around the Atlanta area. Look for our schedule on this web site and on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting,

The Legal Stuff

All artwork images on this website are © Chris McLaughlin. Duplication, copying, or reproduction by any method is prohibited.