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The slideshow above depicts a small sampling of nearly two thousand of the artist's works. Click on the link for the Gallery to see the different categories of artwork available.


This site exhibits the works of Chris McLaughlin who specializes in the artistry of the pencil. His creations are intricately detailed renderings, typically of architectural and historical subjects. To date the artist has created nearly two thousand individual works. Some are available as multiple views of his subject.

On some days during the week you can watch Chris create his works at Atlanta’s famous Varsityrestaurant on North Avenue where this year marks his 15th year appearing there.

Shows and Festivals

On many weekends throughout the year Chris and his wife Gwen appear at Art Shows and Festivals around the Atlanta area, the Carolinas and Florida. Most shows run one to three days and some, like the Apple Festivel in Ellijay Georga, run on consecutive weekends

If you are traveling in those areas and would like to visit with them, click on the link below to see the schedule of their shows.

Show Schedule
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